Springfield Primary School | Religious Education
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Religious Education

The coverage of EYFS R.E in Springfield Primary, aims to give children knowledge and understanding of the world communities through introducing children to a range of cultures and religions. Each child and their family should feel valued, and made to feel included. Throughout the year the children will tell stories, listen to music and dance. Eat foods from a range of cultures. Use resources in role play that reflect a variety of cultures such as clothes, symbols and toys. Our ‘celebration’ units also cover a variety of religious festivals. We encourage children to discuss who is special to them, as well as, places that are special to them as a stepping stone to encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings around areas immediate to them.


The coverage of KS1 R.E in Springfield Primary, ensures that all children develop their knowledge and understanding of principal religions and worldviews. They learn to use subject-specific vocabulary, ask questions and begin to express their own views in response to what they’re taught. Throughout their education at Springfield, pupils are visited by members of different religions (e.g. Christianity, Hinduism, and Judaism) who talk about their main festivals and celebrations. Specifically, Year 1 children develop their understanding of Christianity and what God means to Christians, alongside, recognising symbols within the Jewish religion and how they worship. In Year 2, children learn about Islamic festivals and symbols, as well as why Easter matters to Christians.


The coverage of KS2 R.E in Springfield Primary, allows pupils to expand on the knowledge and understanding of religions and worldviews that they gained in KS1. They will consider and apply ideas about ways in which diverse communities live together for the wellbeing of all, taking account of values, community and respect. In Year 3 pupils look at how Christians, Muslims and Jewish people pray and visit their special places of worship. Year 4 children will study the religious codes for living of the major UK religions, including community traditions. Into Upper KS2, children will explore how Christians believed Jesus saved humans, and brought justice to the world, as well as how other religions express their faith. All of the above lessons will be taught in a stimulating environment, where they, listen to music, perform through drama and work as a team to produce creative projects. Therefore, all children are keen to explore!