Springfield Primary School | Modern Foreign Languages
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Modern Foreign Languages

The languages taught at Springfield Primary School are Italian and Mandarin. Our overarching priorities are to inspire students with the culture of the languages taught, and to provide quality teaching and learning. To achieve this, we have worked closely with partner schools in China and Italy and liaised with the British Council and the Italian Consulate to have native speakers teaching at our school. This has provided the students with a rich climate for learning.

 The curriculum we offer our students reflects the goals and aspirations we have for them in that we aim to; 

Give them the knowledge, understanding and skills to progress onto the next stage of their education, irrespective of their prior attainment, background or ethnicity.

  • Language learning embraces the aims to produce confident, capable and articulate linguists who can work independently in their Speaking and Writing with a range of vocabulary, tenses and complex structures.
  • By the end of Key Stage 2, our students are able to express opinions and offer justifications.
  • Learning is themed around real world topics and issues which gradually introduces increasingly complex levels of language to stretch and challenge students.

 Produce students with high aspirations, resilience and independence so that they can maximise the opportunities they are given to progress.

  • Students are provided with a well-planned and challenging curriculum.
  • High expectations set the tone in lessons.
  • Students are able to achieve and be successful in lessons. We celebrate the achievements of our linguists because learning a language is a great achievement. Celebrations include International Mother Language Day and festivals such as the Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat festival.

Provide a broad curriculum with flexible pathways through the key stages to allow students to maximise their attainment by developing the skills and talents they already hold.

  • We provide students with opportunities to master the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Students are regularly encouraged to learn and work from memory to ensure they are fully prepared for the demands of the curriculum in next stage of their learning/KS3.

 Provide students with a range of enrichment opportunities to help them become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.

  • European Day of Languages is celebrated each year to celebrate diversity and cultural difference.
  • The students exchange projects, including cultural traditions with our link schools to further develop awareness and understanding of cultural differences.
  • We offer lunch-time and after-school sessions to support and encourage language learning and to highlight the importance of hard work, independence and co-operation in order to be a successful and productive member of society.