Springfield Primary School | SEND
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At Springfield Primary School we aim to offer all our pupils rich and exciting learning opportunities that will nurture them to achieve, develop and inspire them to do their very best. We understand that children learn in different ways and sometimes, some children need something a little more than the high quality teaching we provide. When this happens we work with you, your child and your child’s class teacher to develop ways that allow your child to learn in the right way for them. Sometimes we may need to work with a specialist, such as a speech therapist to help your child access the learning. We use a graduated approach to support your child’s learning journey. A journey that we hope will see your child thrive now and in the future.

Links for Parents:

Bedford Borough Local Offer- https://www.localoffer.bedford.gov.uk/

The Parent Carer Forum- https://www.bbpcf.org.uk/