Springfield Primary School | PSHE
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Our PSHE curriculum aims to give our pupils the knowledge to understand the choices they face as they grow up and the skills to make safe choices as they prepare to become adults. Through SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) pupils learn to recognise, name, express and manage a range of emotions. PSHE teaches them about healthy lifestyles, personal safety, managing money, relationships and preparing for work. Healthy lifestyles includes being prepared for puberty, drugs education (especially smoking and alcohol) and sexual health. In relationships we look at positive friendships but also explore bullying / controlling behaviour and what to do if they are being treated in a way they do not like. 


Pupils also study some Citizenship issues to help them develop and express their own opinions. Topics include understanding and tolerating people who are different from them, developing a basic understanding of our political system, exploring global issues such as the benefits of education worldwide, and the work of charities. Across the school, topics and lesson content are adapted to the needs of each group and the school is skilled at making sensitive issues accessible to pupils in a safe and supportive environment.