Springfield Primary School | Our Governors
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Our Governors

What does the Governing Body do and why?

At Springfield Primary School, Governors work with staff to support the aims and objectives of the school. We are made up of men and women from many different backgrounds who are able to contribute their time, expertise and interests to support the school in developing the learning of every one of our pupils, develop our staff and support our parents and carers. Our current Chair of Governors is Darren Gibbons and our Vice Chair is Michelle Barnes.

We work with the Headteacher and staff group to ensure the best possible education for each individual pupil is being provided, within the schools budget and in accordance with local requirements and national legislation. The school is led and managed on a day to day basis by the Headteacher and her team of education professionals therefore our role is to ensure the effective management of the school by working in close partnership with the Headteacher to achieve continual progress through challenge and support.


When does the Governing Body meet?

The governing body meets once every half term.

Some of our governors also serve in the Governor School Improvement Group which meets when required for an in depth look into school data to feed back into the main governors meeting.

Governors also have specific responsibilities, such as:

Safeguarding – Mrs M Barnes
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) – Mrs T Bartens
Health & Safety – Mr D Gibbons
Pupil Premium – Mr D Gibbons

In order to undertake our roles training is provided by the local authority.

How can I find out more?

Should you wish to know more of our plans or would be interested in joining the team please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Governing Body or Mrs Andrews.

Updated January 2022