Springfield Primary School | Lower Key Stage 2 Topics, Summer Term
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Lower Key Stage 2 Topics, Summer Term

Lower Key Stage 2 Topics, Summer Term

Year 3 – Tremors
This term we are delving deep into the Earth, exploring its layers and Mother Nature’s natural disasters. We are learning about volcanoes, labelling their parts, finding out about the different types and discovering how and why they erupt and the impact this has on communities past and present. We are also looking at earthquakes and how they occur and will be investigating the properties of rocks.


 Year 4 –Misty Mountains

It has been an exciting start to our new topic, ‘Misty Mountains’ and the children are looking forward to finding out more about mountains, mountain ranges and the world’s highest mountains.  They have asked all sorts of questions, such as ‘Which continent has the highest mountain?’, ‘What equipment would you need to climb a mountain?’ and ‘How long

would it take to climb the tallest mountain in the UK?’  Through topic work the children will soon be able to answer all their questions.

In maths, the children have started work on 3-d shapes and will soon be looking at multiplication and division.  In literacy, the children will be writing their own chronological reports and designing a leaflet using persuasive language about the Dunstable Downs, which they will be visiting on 25th May.  They will also have the opportunity to meet with a real life

mountaineer!  We have started to read The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien and will use this text when we look at descriptive and imaginative language.

The children will also investigate the Adi tribe of the Himalayas and try and recreate their brightly coloured woven patterns of cloth.  They will also look at the water cycle, evaporation and how the Adi manage to survive on such hostile terrain.

All in all they will certainly be kept busy learning!