Springfield Primary School | Key Stage 1 Topics, Summer Term
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Key Stage 1 Topics, Summer Term

Key Stage 1 Topics, Summer Term

Year 1 – Dinosaur Planet

Year 1 have got a very exciting term ahead of them.
The children will be getting their claws into a fantastic dinosaur topic.
Over the term the children will be exploring how dinosaurs came to be and what led them to becoming extinct.
They will all become investigators, palaeontologists and explorers, looking at what dinosaurs ate and where they lived. The children will have the opportunity to create fossils and 3D dinosaurs as they explore their artistic talents and create a dynamic dinosaur dance as a whole class. In English they will be creating riddles, fact files and dinosaur jokes which they will perform to the others in the class.  They will be comparing the world today to how it used to look prehistorically.

The children enjoyed their visit to The Natural History Museum this week especially the Stegosaurus workshop.

Year 2 –Wriggle & Crawl
Year 2 have almost come to the end of their Key Stage One journey and they should be so proud of the progress they have made!

Year 2 will start by writing some minibeast poetry and then they will move onto explanation text, focusing on the life-cycles of both frogs and butterflies.

We hope to be spending as much time outside as possible and will be building our own bug houses and exploring what insects we have collected. We will be creating our own algorithms for the very hungry caterpillar and learning all about how bees make honey.

In maths we will be focusing specifically on time, money and statistics. The children will also be completing some revision sessions where they will consolidate learning we have done since September.
This term the children will also be completing their SATS. Please be reassured that we want the children to feel successful and we will not be putting them under any unnecessary pressure. The children are used to being assessed and all we ask is that they try their best.

The Year 2 Team would like to thank you for your ongoing support and would especially like to thank you for taking the time to revise with your children over the Easter holidays.