Springfield Primary School | Year 1
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Year 1

Class/Teacher Support
Stella – Miss L Birrell Mrs L Champkin / Ms E Careless


Marte – Miss F Vasso Miss R Lewin


Terra – Mrs J Lowery/ Mrs Adams Miss L Thompson



Cover supervisors: Mrs R Bains & Miss A Park

Year 1 – Dinosaur Planet

Year 1 have got a very exciting term ahead of them.
The children will be getting their claws into a fantastic dinosaur topic.
Over the term the children will be exploring how dinosaurs came to be and what led them to becoming extinct.
They will all become investigators, palaeontologists and explorers, looking at what dinosaurs ate and where they lived. The children will have the opportunity to create fossils and 3D dinosaurs as they explore their artistic talents and create a dynamic dinosaur dance as a whole class. In English they will be creating riddles, fact files and dinosaur jokes which they will perform to the others in the class.  They will be comparing the world today to how it used to look prehistorically.

The children enjoyed their visit to The Natural History Museum this week especially the Stegosaurus workshop.